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NEW Lascaux Fineline Applicator (pack of three)

NEW Fineliner Applicator (pack of three)
Can be used with all 85ml and 250ml
Lascaux Acrylic Colour Ranges

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Checkout our new Kremer watercolour sets >

Sets includes 8 to 14 full pans, and a choice of earth sets, landscape sets, and pearl lustre colours. 


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881008 Kremer Watercolour Set, Small

Kremer watercolour box, with 8 full pans, very lightfast and pure pigments:

Watercolour set contains:
233108 Permanent Yellow medium in watercolour
234028 QUINDO® Pink D in watercolour
234938 Gubbio Red, in watercolour
441518 Cobalt Green bluish watercolour
457008 Cobalt Blue Dark in watercolour
463008 Zinc White, lead-free watercolour
472508 Furnace Black watercolour
501108 Pearl Luster Colibri Star-Gold watercolour

Price: £33.35 ex VAT

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881008 Kremer Watercolour Set, Small
881008 Kremer Watercolour Set, Small

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