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Prepared Fabrics

Pre-prepared fabrics, specially made for artists and ready to paint on. Various fabrics available, Cotton Ducks, Linens and Polyesters.
NEW Acrylic Primed Polyester Artists' fabric, Fine. 213cm wide.   Price per Metre.
Strong yet lightweight pre-primed white polyester. Ready to paint on in any media.
NEW French Primed Polyester, Smooth Prepared Artists' Fabric, 213cm wide, Price per metre
A very smooth and fine yet strong polyester fabric, primed and ready to work on in any media. 213cm wide
APF Sized APF4 Fine Linen, artists' fabric, 213cm wide, 5 Metre Roll
5 metres of APF4 Fine Line prepared by hand with Lascaux Acrylic Size in our Norfolk workshop. 213cm wide