001 Introductory Set of Michael Harding Oil Colours, 6 x 40ml tubes

Introductory Set of Michael Hardings' renowned oil colors. A set of 6 x 40ml tubes comprising of Titanium White No1, Yellow Lake, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Scarlet Lake. A great start for anyone wishing to work with artists oil paint.

Michael Hardings Artists' Oil Color in a great, versatile set of 6 colors in 40ml tubes.

Titanium White No1 PW6
Yellow Lake PY74
Ultramarine Blue PB29
Yellow Ochre PY43
Burnt Umber PBr6
Scarlet Lake PR170

  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
    Michael Harding
  • Size:
    6 x 40ml
  • Type:
    Oil Paint Set
  • Color:
    Introductory Set
  • Series:
  • Material:
    Oil Paint
  • EAN:
  • Brand:
    Michael Harding
  • Product Code:
    UK 3213 1000 00
  • Weight: