0010 Introductory Set, QoR Modern Watercolours, 12 x 5ml tubes

QoR Modern Watercolours. Introductory Set of 12 x 5ml tubes presented in a metal tin.

QoR Modern Watercolours expanded Introductory Set of 12 x 5ml tubes in a metal tin.

QoR Watercolour paint is bound with Aquazol®.Making these paints highly resistant to ageing and cracking.

A very useful selection from QoR's range of tubed watercolours.

The mixing ability from this selection is very good and it's possibly the best travelling watercolour set you could choose.

This QoR modern watercolour selection includes the following colours:

Nickel Azo Yellow PY150
Hansa Yellow Light PY3
Quinacridone Gold Deep PO48
Quinacridone Magenta PR122
Permanent Alizarin Crimson PR177
Pyrrole Red Light PR255
Phthalo Blue Green Shade PB15:3
Ultramarine Blue PB29
Viridian Green PG18
Burnt Sienna (Natural) PBr7
Paynes Grey PB15:3 / PBk7 / PV19
Yellow Ochre (Natural) PY43

  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
  • Size:
    5ml x 12 Set
  • Type:
    Watercolor Paint Set
  • Color:
  • Series:
    QoR Watercolor Set 0010
  • Material:
    Watercolor Paint
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    US 3213 9000 00
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