002 Tropical Set of Michael Harding Oil Colours, 6 x 40ml tubes

Inspired by Bermuda and Caribbean adventures. A set of 6 x 40ml tubes comprising of Warm White, Yellow Lake, Brilliant Pink, Phthalocyanine Blue, Bright Green Lake, Cobalt Teal. This set captures the essence of the tropics and natural beauty of the islands. A vivid set of beautiful, vibrant colors.

Michael Hardings Artists' Oil Color in a range of vibrant, rich tones. Supplied as a set of 6 colors in 40ml tubes.

Warm White PW6, PY42
Yellow Lake PY74
Bright Green Lake PY74, PG7
Brilliant Pink PR112, PR122, PW6
Cobalt Teal PG50
Phthalocyanine Blue & Titanium White PB15.3, PW6

  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
    Michael Harding
  • Size:
    6 x 40ml
  • Type:
    Oil Paint Set
  • Color:
    Tropical Set
  • Series:
  • Material:
    Oil Paint
  • Brand:
    Michael Harding
  • Product Code:
    UK 3213 1000 00
  • Weight: