003 Plein Air Painter Set of Michael Harding Oil Colours, 10 x 40ml tubes

A very versatile set of 10 x 40ml Michael Hardings oil paints offering a unique combination of colors. The Plein Air set is perfect for capturing the natural beauty of landscapes and flesh tones alike. Affordably priced and offering tremendous mixability, this range of colors will enhance any oil painters palette.

Michael Hardings Artists' Oil Color in a versatile and unique range of colors. Supplied as a set of 10 colors in 40ml tubes. This affordable set offers tremendous mixability.

Titanium White No.2 PW6
Yellow Lake PY74
Cadmium Red PR108
Alizarin Claret PR177
Ultramarine Blue PB29
Cobalt Blue PB28
Terre Verte PG23
Burnt Umber PBr6
Yellow Ochre PY42
Unbleached Titanium Dioxide PW6.1

  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
    Michael Harding
  • Size:
    10 x 40ml
  • Type:
    Oil Paint Set
  • Color:
    Plein Air Set
  • Series:
  • Material:
    Oil Paint
  • EAN:
  • Brand:
    Michael Harding
  • Product Code:
    UK 3213 1000 00
  • Weight: