101 Titanium White No. 1 Michael Harding Oil Colour, 40ml tube

Series 1. Titanium White in Safflower Oil. A slow drying Oil, Safflower ensures the white remains bright. This is the most brilliant white in the range.

Michael Harding Artists' Oil Colour Titanium White No.1.

Titanium White in Safflower Oil.

Colour Index PW 6
Drying Speed Very Slow
Lightfastness Excellent
Tint Power Very Opaque / High
Oil Content Safflower Oil, Very Low
Toxicity No
Conform to ASTM D-4236

  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
    Michael Harding
  • Size:
  • Type:
    Oil Paint
  • Series:
  • Color:
  • Material:
    Oil Paint
  • Brand:
    Michael Harding
  • Product Code:
    UK 3213 9000 00
  • Weight: