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11400 Kremer Mountain Crystal, pure quartz, 100g

Pure Quartz filler for paint-making, White Crystalline powder, 80-150 micron
Product Brand:   Kremer
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Formula: SiO2, pure Quartz
White crystalline powder, 80 - 150 μ (11400)
In impure form quarz is found as pollution in nearly all earth colors. Rock crystal was used only very rarely as filler, since the difficulties of pulverizing are very high. It is commonly a waste product from rock crystal in jewelery production however small quantities were always available for painting.
Mountain Crystal is found in the whole Alps in small quantities.
The high transparency and brilliance of the small Mountain Crystal bits is lost when it is ground too fine. Mountain Crystal received special attention in anthroprosophic medicine and painting, and also in the painting in the Himalayas.