14304 Watercolour Paint-Making Set. Kremer Pigment, boxed set

A fabulous introductory set from Kremer for anyone interested in making their own watercolour paints. This set contains three Kremer pigments, Kremer watercolour medium, pestle and mortar, gum arabic, pans, brush and sketchbook.

Pestle and mortar
Kremer Watercolour Medium and Gum Arabic in pieces
3 pigments -
40220 Italian Gold Ochre
40510 Venetian Red
45700 Cobalt Blue Dark
Syringes and pans
Sketchbook and Watercolour Brush

Application Instructions: Gum Arabic forms the basis of our watercolor medium. The set gives the user the opportunity to prepare the medium from scratch using the Gum Arabic pieces, or to directly mix the pigments with our ready-made Watercolor Medium. The self-made color is suitable for immediate use or storage in pans.

  • Country of Origin:
    DE Germany
  • Make:
  • Type:
    Watercolor Paint Set
  • Material:
    Watercolor Paint
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    DE 3213 1000 00
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