18035 Lift Solution. Lascaux, 500ml bottle

Lascauxà Lift Solution is used in conjunction with Lascauxà Aquatint Resist or Lascauxà Tuscheà Wash/Spray. The method is similar to 'sugar-lift' in traditional etching. The markings created with Lascauxà Lift Solution resemble classic sugar-lift marks.

Lascaux Tusche Lift Solution in a 500ml bottle.

Lascaux Lift Solution is used in conjunction with Lascaux Aquatint Resist or Lascaux Tusche Wash/Spray. The method is similar to 'sugar-lift' in traditional etching. The markings created with Lascaux Lift Solution resemble classic sugar-lift marks.

Lascaux Tusches

Lascaux Tusches are a unique range of innovative ready-to-use water-soluble painting materials specially designed for creating positives for light-sensitive printmaking processes. The positives can be used with water-based screenprinting, acrylic-resist etching, solar plate printing and traditional printmaking methods. The tusche marks will ultimately print.

Properties and Applications
The ready-to-use tusches are for making opaque autographic (hand made) marks on printmaking positives. Images can be painted on smooth PVC sheet or grained substrates. The tusches can also be used to enhance and alter images on photographic, digital or photocopied positives. Some substrates may have greasy surfaces, causing the tusche to be repelled. These substrates can be degreased easily with a household detergent prior to use.

Each tusche has its own distinctive performance and all have excellent handling qualities. Their characteristics vary from fluid, fast-drying and waterproof to viscous, slow-drying and re-wettable. The tusches offer a wide variety of mark-making possibilities, including delicate drawings, painted marks, lithographic-type washes, sugar-lift effects, soft-ground effects, airbrushed marks, application by roller, offsetting and pattern making. The tusches are coloured for easy identification and may be intermingled within an image. Lascaux Tusches can be used directly from the bottle or diluted (in the palette or on the substrate) with Lascaux Tusche diluting liquid, water or tannin mixtures. Painted washes should be allowed to dry undisturbed.

Lascaux Tusches should be cleaned from brushes, tools, and surfaces with warm soapy water before it dries. Dry tusche can be removed with household cleaners. A non-scratch bath-cleaning pad makes removal easier.

Lascaux Water-Based Screenprinting

The water-based screenprinting method and the acrylic-resist etching system are the modern options – safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly, as well as quick to learn and accessible to all.

For an information sheet on Lascaux Water-based Screen Printing click here to download the PDF file.

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