180420 Kremer Shellac Ink Diluter, 1lt plastic container

A diluent for the shellac inks. Can also be used to bind small amounts of dry pigment.

Kremer-Made Artist Inks consist of a binder and extra finely dispersed pigments. The binder is shellac soap. Shellac becomes shellac soap by adding borax, solved in warm water. The pigments are dispersed very finely and added to the shellac solution. The high pigment concentrations in the inks make them very rich.

Undiluted, the inks dry lustrous and water-insoluble. The lustre will vanish, when the ink is diluted with water. A large addition of water can make the inks water-soluble.

By dilution with the Kremer Shellac Ink diluter, water-insolubility can be obtained even with highly diluted ink solution.

Regular pigments can also be ground with ink diluter, but the inks made of regular pigments will be coarser.
The ink solvent is used for the cleaning of brushes and tools.

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    DE Germany
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    Shellac Ink
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    DE 3215 9070 00
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