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180990 Kremer Shellac ink Assortment, Small (11 x 30ml jars)

£39.30 (inc. VAT)
Kremer Fine Artists Inks, lustrous, highly pigmented shellac ink. 11 x 30ml assorted colour ink set.
A superb set of Kremer's Shellac inks. 

Kremer-made artist inks consist of a shellac soap binder and extra finely dispersed pigments. Shellac becomes shellac soap by adding borax dissolved in warm water. The pigments are then dispersed very finely and added to the shellac solution. The high concentration of pigments in these inks makes them very rich in colour.

Undiluted, the inks dry lustrous and water-insoluble. This luster is lost when the ink is diluted with water - it is recommended that you use 180240 Kremer Shellac Ink Diluter (sold separately) when diluting the inks to maintain luster. 
The set contains 11 x 30ml jars of the following colours:

180310 Lemon Yellow
180320 Yellow
180338 Scarlet DPP
180342 Red DPP
180345 Ruby DPP
180350 Blue-Violet
180360 Blue
180370 Green (Bluish)
Green (Yellowish)
180380 Black
180390 White


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