180991 Shellac Ink assortment. Kremer, 11 x 100ml glass jars

Assortment of 11 x 100ml Shellac Based Inks from Kremer. Rich, lustrous colours. Can be thinned with water or Kremer Ink Diluter (180240). Beautiful, strong colours.

A selection of 100ml jars of Kremer Shellac Ink.

A highly concentrated, light fast artists ink. Thinnable with water or Kremer Ink Diluter, these inks give an incredibly vibrant colour from rich undiluted application down to the thinnest of washes.

This set contains the following colours:

180310 Lemon Yellow Kremer Shellac Ink

180320 Yellow Kremer Shellac Ink 

180338 Scarlet DPP Kremer Shellac Ink

180342 Red DPP Kremer Shellac Ink

180345 Ruby DPP Kremer Shellac Ink

180350 Blue-Violet Kremer Shellac Ink

180360 Blue Kremer Shellac Ink

180370 Green, Bluish Kremer Shellac Ink

180375 Green, Yellowish Kremer Shellac Ink

180380 Black Kremer Shellac Ink

180390 White Kremer Shellac Ink

This set is supplied in a simple cardboard box

  • Country of Origin:
    DE Germany
  • Make:
  • Type:
    Shellac Ink
  • Size:
    11 x 100ml Set
  • Color:
  • Series:
  • Material:
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    DE 3215 9070 00
  • Weight: