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2005 Lascaux Acrylic Size, Clear 500ml

Lascaux Acrylic size is a clear pH neutral preparation for canvas, board etc.
Product Brand:   Lascaux
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Lascaux Imprägnierung (Sizing)

This colourless sizing provides a better reception for the following priming coat. Used as a canvas sealer it reduces bleed through of additional priming layers


  • Sealing with Lascaux Sizing increases the bonding of the following primer
  • Minimises the penetration of the priming and paint layers to the back of the canvas
  • Makes the canvas impervious before applying primer


  • Thinnable with water
  • Flexible
  • Colourless
  • Lightfast and age resistant


For use with a brush dilute Lascaux Sizing with the same amount of water and apply evenly. Lascaux sizing may be applied undiluted with a palette knife. When used on fibrous supports the sizing should be left until it is completely dry and then rubbed down with very fine sandpaper


Approx 80ml/m2 per coat, depending on the support and application


Pure acrylic resin dispersion stabilised with special protective colloids