2010 Lascaux Primer, White 5 litres

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White primer providing a smooth ground coat for canvas (cotton or linen), textiles, wood and paper. colour can be mixed in to obtain a coloured base coat. For acrylic, oil and tempera painting

Lascaux Primer

An economic and versatile acrylic primer for tempera, acrylic and oil painters. Suitable for a variety of substrates including paper, textiles, wood, canvas, linen and suitably prepared non-ferrous metals {such as aluminium prepared first with Lascaux Uni-Primer)


  • Priming coat for tempera, acrylic and oil painting
  • Suitable for almost every support


  • Results in a matt, pure white surface
  • Elastic
  • Lightfast and age resistant
  • Rapid drying
  • Excellent adhesion


When applying the primer to a sized canvas it should be mixed with 25% water. On an unsized ground mix at least 1:1 with water.  By adding Lascaux acrylic colours the Primer can be tinted to a desired coloured ground. By adding Lascaux Gesso the tooth of the Primer can be increased. Coated fabrics can be rolled.

When completely dry the surface can be rubbed down with a very fine sandpaper.


Approximately 50-100ml/m2 depending on the support and application


A pure acrylic resin dispersion with rutile titanium dioxide and mineral-based extenders

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