2011 Uni-Primer White. Lascaux, 500ml jar

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White primer for rigid, non-absorbent substrates such as aluminium (and other non-ferrous metals), glass, concrete, polyester and plexiglas. Especially suitable for exterior application.

Lascaux Uni Primer is a white primer for ridged non-absorbent supports such as concrete, non ferrous metals, polyester, plexiglass and glass.

When using on supports such as aluminium we advise lightly abrading the surface with fine wire wool before cleaning and degreasing it with methylated spirits (available from hardware stores). Apply the Uni-primer in one thin, even coat. Allow plenty of time to dry and harden, this will be dependant on the working environment and climate. We suggest at least 7 days, but the longer the Uni-Primer can be left to harden the better. 


  • results in a white non-absorbent surface 
  • elastic
  • lightfast and age resistant
  • rapid drying


  • White primer and grip coat for rigid, non-absorbent supports like:
  • iron and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper, zinc) which are not too mechanically stressed
  •  polyester, acrylic glass, glass
  • fibre cement in interior and exterior (murals)


All supports should be completely free of oxide, dust and grease. Ferrous metals should be rust-free and initially treated with an expert rust protective priming. On an absorbent support, Uni-Primer can be applied with a brush or roller (an initial sizing with Lascaux Hydro Sealer is recommended). On non-absorbent supports a spray gun can be used for application as well. The first application should be diluted with approx.10-30 % water, depending on the absorption of the support.

Lascaux Uni-Primer should not be used below the temperature of +8°C (+46°F).

Available in 500ml, 1Litres and 5Litre buckets.

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    2011 Special Acrylic Primer
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    Acrylic Priming
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