2015 Pastelground. Lascaux, 1 lt jar

Lascaux Pastelground, for use on canvas/paper/board
Lascaux Pastelground is an excellent surface-preparation when working in Pastels, Charcoal or watercolour. It can be used on Paper, Canvas or Wood. The Pastelground itself is buff-white in colour and yields a moderate to heavy tooth, depending on how much is applied. Lascaux Pastelground is also flexible and so will not crack, as well as being lightfast and age resistant.
It is quick to dry and easy to use, allowing you to get to work fast. Can be applied directly to paper, cardboard and wood. When applying to fabric supports (i.e. Canvas, Linen), it is recommended to prepare the fabric with Lascaux Acrylic Size. Generally Pastelground is used straight from the pot, but it can be diluted slightly with water to improve brushability. Can also be tinted with any Lascaux Acrylic colour.
  • Country of Origin:
  • Make:
  • Type:
    Acrylic Pastel Ground
  • Color:
    Buff White
  • Size:
  • Series:
    2015 Pastel Ground
  • Material:
    Acrylic Priming
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    CH 3213 9000 00
  • Weight: