2020 Acrylic White Gesso, Lascaux, 1 lt jar

Gesso Primer with a semi-absorbent, easily sanded pure white, matt surface. Highly concentrated and thinnable with water.A perfect ground for Oil and Acrylic paintings as well as other media.

Acrylic Gesso Primer from Lascaux. A white gesso primer with good tooth for all supports.

Creates a semi-absorbent surface comparable to a half-chalk ground.

Easy to sand and can be tinted with Lascaux Acrylic colours.

Economical and highly concentrated: 50 to 100ml per

Thin with water

Lightfast and age-resistant, non-yellowing


When applying the gesso to an acrylic sized canvas (e.g. sized with the Lascaux Size) it should be applied diluted with water. By adding Lascaux acrylic colours the Gesso can be tinted to a desired coloured ground. Coated fabrics can be rolled.

When completely dry Lascaux Gesso can be sanded for a smooth surface.

For more information on Lascaux Acrylic Gesso: Lascaux Gesso

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    Acrylic Gesso
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    2020 Semi Absorbent Acrylic Primer
  • Material:
    Acrylic Priming
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    CH 3213 9000 00
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