2020 Lascaux Gesso, White 500ml

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White acrylic primer with a good tooth for canvas, textiles, paper and wood. Provides a semi-absorbent, chalk-like ground that can be sanded. Colour can be mixed in to obtain a coloured base coat. Most suitable for acrylic, oil and tempera painting


Lascaux Gesso

White primer with good tooth for all supports. Creates semi-absorbent surface comparable to a half-chalk ground. Sandable and can be tinted with Lascaux Acrylic colours.


  • A semi-absorbent primer
  • Priming coat for tempera, acrylic and oil painting
  • Suitable for almost every support
  • Especially good for glazing technique


  • Results in a matt, pure white surface with a good tooth
  • Easily sandable
  • Elastic
  • Lightfast and age resistant
  • Rapid drying
  • Excellent adhesion


When applying the gesso to an acrylic sized canvas (e.g. sized with the Lascaux Size) it should be applied diluted with water. By adding Lascaux acrylic colours the Gesso can be tinted to a desired coloured ground. Coated fabrics can be rolled.

When completely dry the surface can be rubbed down with a very fine sandpaper.


Approximately 50-100ml/m2 depending on the support and application


A pure acrylic resin dispersion with rutile titanium dioxide and mineral-based extenders

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