2033 Medium 3 Satin. Lascaux,1 lt bottle

These fluid Lascaux acrylic mediums increase the transparency of the colours and strengthen binder content. To improve film strength and adhesion of strongly diluted colours
  • Lightfast and age resistant
  • Dries to a waterproof Satin-matt film.
  • When added to Lascaux Acrylic colours it will not change the sheen of paint.

Mix with paints to increase transparency while extending volume use in collage for gluing lightweight materialscolours can be mixed into the medium to slow down drying time

For glazing, the Lascaux acrylic colours are either thinned with water or mixed with Lascaux mediums. Diluted only with water, they can be used like watercolours; however, strong dilution lowers the binder concentration and reduces the brilliance of the colours. To maintain the original binder and brilliance level, the dilution should be made with Lascaux Medium (e.g. Medium diluted 1:1 with water).
All Lascaux Mediums can be mixed together. The choice depends on the degree of gloss desired. Medium 2 matt and Medium 3 satin matt can be adjusted with Medium 1 gloss to achieve specific results.

Pure acrylic resin emulsion.Lascaux Mediums should not be used below the temperature of +8°C (+46°F).

Lascaux Medium 3 Satin is available in 85ml, 250ml and 1 litre. 5 litres sizes are available to order.
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    Acrylic Medium
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    2033 Medium
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    Acrylic Medium
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    CH 3213 9000 00
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