2035 Water Resoluble Acrylic Medium. Lascaux, 1 lt bottle

Lascaux Water Resoluble Acrylic Medium is an acrylic binder used to make your own gouache and watercolours. Dries to a water-soluble film
  • Colourless lightfast and age resistant
  • remains water-resoluble upon drying
  • easily mixed with dry pigments to make colour

As a binder to make perfect watercolour paints (resoluble film) by mixing it with dry pigments or watersoluble colour pastes. * See Kremer Pigments and colour pastes*

Easy to use, they can be progressively thinned with water into flawless fluid washes. Paint films remain.flexible in restoration work, this medium is used as a retouching medium, i.e. for paintings in layers as a medium for Lascaux Aquacryl watercolour or Lascaux Gouacheadded to diluted water, Water Resoluble Medium will increase binder content and consistency.

The sheen of the paint will change from a matt one to a silkier onecan also be used as the first layer on a support to reduce absorbency, thus facilitating subsequent colour washes

To make small quantities of handmade paint, work dry Kremer pigments or paste directly into Water Resoluble Medium with a palette knife or bristle brush. Pigment is absorbed into the binder readily, forming a smooth paste.Wetting properties are improved by working the pigment into a stiff paste with Medium diluted in a proportion of 1 to 9 with water and then adding further amount of pure Medium as necessary.

For larger quantities, the use of a whisk or mixer is advisable.Used as a binder, more Medium produces a water- colour, less Medium produces colours with a matt and opaque appearance similar to that of tempera or Gouache.Start with a 1:1 ratio and vary the ratio of Medium to pigment according to requirements (bearing in mind that light pigments need more binder than heavy ones).

Pure acrylic resin dispersion containing wetting agents and preservative

Lascaux water resoluble medium is available in 250ml 1 litre and 5 litre sizes.

*More for information on dry pigments see our selection of Kremer Pigments. Special items are available to order from us by phone, please call for more information.

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    Resoluble Acrylic Medium
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    2035 Medium
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    Acrylic Medium
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    CH 3213 9000 00
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