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2038 Lascaux Aquacryl Medium 85ml

Medium for Lascaux Aquacryl colours. Dries to a water resoluble matt transparent film
Product Brand:   Lascaux
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  • Dries to a matt transparent film
  • remains water-resoluble once dry
  • lightfast and age resistant

  • Medium for Lascaux Aquacryl Coloirs
  • Medium for Sirius Watercolour set and Lascaux Gouache


For glazing, the colours are either thinned with water or mixed with mediums. Diluted only with water, they can be used like watercolours; however, strong dilution lowers the binder concentration and reduces the brilliance of the colours. To maintain the original binder and brilliance level, the dilution should be made with Lascaux Aquacryl Medium (e.g. Medium diluted 1:10 with water).