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2042 Lascaux Retarder Ultra 1 litre

Mixed in to acrylic paint Lascaux Retarder Ultra offers extra long open time. Higher viscosity than the Lascaux Retarder
Product Brand:   Lascaux
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  • Higher viscosity version of the Lascaux Retarder which added to acrylics extends drying for a very long time, up to three times as long as the regular Retarder.
  • Will change the viscosity of Lascaux Artist Acrylics only slightly
  • Adding Lascaux Retarder extends the relatively short drying time of acrylic colours on nonporous supports and keeps paint film open longer: up to a couple of hours.
  • Reduces the evaporation rate of the water and enhances the re-emulsifying capacity of the paint, i.e. dry paint film containing
  • The addition of Lascaux Ultra Retarder does not alter the hue of the colour

Applications, Directions
Same as Lascaux Retarder.