2042 Retarder Ultra. Lascaux, 85ml bottle

Mixed in to acrylic paint Lascaux Retarder Ultra offers extra long open time. Higher viscosity than the Lascaux Retarder. Limited stock of this size remaining. Lascaux has discontinued the 85ml, the 250ml remains available
  • Higher viscosity version of the Lascaux Retarder which added to acrylics extends drying for a very long time, up to three times as long as the regular Retarder.
  • Will change the viscosity of Lascaux Artist Acrylics only slightly
  • Adding Lascaux Retarder extends the relatively short drying time of acrylic colours on nonporous supports and keeps paint film open longer: up to a couple of hours.
  • Reduces the evaporation rate of the water and enhances the re-emulsifying capacity of the paint, i.e. dry paint film containing
  • The addition of Lascaux Ultra Retarder does not alter the hue of the colour

Applications, Directions
Same as Lascaux Retarder.
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    2042 Retarder
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    Acrylic Medium
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    CH 3213.9000
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