2046 Lascaux Impasto Gel 2 Matt 1 litre

£43.26 (inc. VAT)

Lascaux Impasto Gel 2, Matt dries to a water-resistant clear and Matt finish. 

Added to Artist acrylic colours gloss level as well as consistency and structure remain constant.


  • thinnable with water
  • dries to a waterproof and crystal-clear film 
  •  becomes viscous-elastic and flexible
  • lightfast and age-resistant


  •  painting mediums for acrylic colours
  •  to create transparent and pasty colour applications
  •  added to Lascaux Studio Acrylic colours it increases pastosity (also for the creation of heavy impastos)
  • can be added in any proportion to Lascaux Artist Acrylic colours without changing viscosity and
  • texture of the Artist Acrylic colours
  • Impasto Gels prolong the drying of acrylics according to the amount added
  • Impasto Gels are particularly suitable as adhesives for collages and for embedding a variety of materials. They can also be combined with pigments, earth, sand and other granular substances
  •  use as a final texture varnish for interior

Available in 85ml, 500ml, 1litre and 5 litre buckets.
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