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2050 Lascaux Natural Modelling Paste A Smooth 1 litre

Product Brand:   Lascaux
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Lascaux Modelling Paste A Smooth is a opaque, ready-to-use modelling paste. 

This fine smooth modelling paste dries to an off-white, smooth surface. 

It can be used pure or mixed with Lascaux Artists’ colours. 


  • flexible, elastic hard
  • have excellent adhesion properties
  • no cracking in thicker layers
  • waterproof once dry and can be over painted


  • relief-type applications
  • for impasto painting: gives paint more body and extends paint volume
  • use in collage and mosaics for imbedding materials
  • restoration work

    Available in 500ml, 1litre. (5 litres available by telephone order)