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2052 Lascaux Structura Original Natural 500ml

Create thicker and more absorbent primings by using the Lascaux Structura paste or adding it to the Lascaux Gesso
Product Brand:   Lascaux
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Lascaux Structura Natural, is a fine-grained extremely light modelling paste.

This fine-grained modelling paste dries to a velvety white, yet absorbent hard surface which can be sanded and is ideal in large scale works.


  • a fine, granular modelling paste
  • extremely light weight
  • age and light resistant
  • elastic hard, can be sanded
  • has very good adhesion


  • to texture painting grounds
  • to build surface dimension
  • the light weight makes Structura ideal for the use in large works
  • for collages

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litres and 5 Litre buckets