208 Ultramarine Violet Michael Harding Oil Colour, 40ml tube

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Series 2. Subtle violet colour with low tinting strength. Good for glazing techniques. Transparent.

Michael Hardings Artists' Oil Colour Ultramarine Violet, 40ml Tube.

Colour IndexPv15
Drying SpeedAverage
Tint PowerLow-Average
Oil ContentLinseed Oil, Average
Conform toASTM D-4236

"A variant of Ultramarine pigment. This colour is achieved by slightly altering the manufacture of the blue shade, Sodium Sulphosilicate, by heating it with Chlorine. The result is a weaker, more violet pigment which has a relatively low Tint Power and a degree of transparency that lends itself to being exploited in glazes or thin body colour. In hues it becomes a high-keyed rather fluffy texture mauve which landscapists have found useful for the brighter tones of clear skies and for the modeling of sunlit clouds."

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    Michael Harding
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    Oil Paint
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    Michael Harding
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    UK 3213.10.00.00
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