2091 Plate-Backing Resist. Lascaux, 500ml bottle

Lascaux Plate-Backing Resist for Acrylic Etching

This tinted, scratch-proof etching resist is applied to edges and rear sides of the printing plate in order to prevent undesired biting during the acid bath.


Based on acrylic copolymer

Lascaux Plate-backing resist has been specially designed as part of the acrylic-resist etching system. This new generation acid resist is painted onto the back and the edges of etching plates to protect the metal from the action of the mordant.


Lascaux Plate-backing resist is water-soluble, ready to use, non-toxic and suitable for use on copper, brass, zinc, steel and aluminium. This red coloured resist is highly acid-resistant, durable and scratch-resistant. It may be used on unbitten or previously etched (e.g. aquatint, deep open bite) and is compatible with the other Lascaux resists and photopolymer resists such as Photec. The resist may also be used to create a variety of effects on collagraph plates (see Collagraph data sheet for details).


Plates should be prepared, grained, degreased and dried before the Plate-backing resist is applied by brush (follow the detailed information provided in the technical sheet for Lascaux Hard resist). After the first application of resist has been dried a second coat may be applied.

Drying the resist:
The plate can be laid flat to dry naturally or dried with a warm air fan in a horizontal drying cabinet. The resist becomes touch dry quickly and when it is fully dry the plate may be etched.

Plates should etched following the detailed information provided in the technical sheet for Lascaux Hard resist.

Resist removal:
The resist is water-soluble and can be cleaned from brushes, tools, palettes, plates and surfaces with warm soapy water before it dries. Dried resist can be removed with Lascaux Remover (follow the information provided in the technical sheet for Lascaux Hard resist or Lascaux Remover).

Lascaux Acrylic Resist Etching 

A water-based, non-toxic printing system.
These reliable new acrylic resists have been carefully designed to provide all the marks associated with traditional materials as well as relating closely to classical working methods. 

For an information sheet on the Lascaux Acrylic Resist Etching click here to download the PDF file.

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