2097 White Coating for Hard Resist. Lascaux, 500ml bottle

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Lascaux White Coating for Acrylic Etching

Lascaux White Coating is used in conjunction with Lascaux Hard Resist and enhances visibility of the markings created with the etching instruments. The topcoat is not acid-resistant and is to be removed with water before etching. After this the plate can be processed with stop-out resist.

Lascaux Acrylic Resist Etching 

A water-based, non-toxic printing system.
These reliable new acrylic resists have been carefully designed to provide all the marks associated with traditional materials as well as relating closely to classical working methods. 

For an information sheet on the Lascaux Acrylic Resist Etching click here to download the PDF file.

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    White Coating For Hard Resist
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