211 Kings Blue Light Michael Harding Oil Colour, 40ml tube

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Series 2. Vibrant, Ultramarine based bright blue. Opaque.

Michael Hardings Artists' Oil Colour Kings Blue Light, 40ml Tube.

Colour IndexPb29 & Pw6
Drying SpeedAverage
Tint PowerOpaque
Oil ContentLinseed Oil, Low
Conform toASTM D-4236

"This name was given by English manufacturers to Smalt, a Cobalt-based pigment which was used in the 16th-17th centuries as a less expensive alternative to Lapis Lazuli. Unfortunately, Smalt was prone to fade into a light grey, as some Veronese skies demonstrate. But the introduction of Ultramarine Blue made the original Smalt formula obsolete, and so I offer a completely reliable substitute blend which evokes the aerial effects of the great Venetian decorators."

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    Michael Harding
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    UK 3213.10.00.00
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