224 Transparent Mars Red Blockx Watercolour Half Pan

£5.52 (inc. VAT)
Series 2. Half pans of artists watercolours. Lightfast, intense and brilliant pigments bound with honey, glycerine and gum arabic
With a perfect balance between tradition and the demands of modern painters, they contain most of the must-have pigments now available, like the transoxides, they perform with the dynamic and reliability always associated with Jacques Blockx's paints. The exceptional transparency of these watercolours is made possible by the use of pure pigments, free of filler material, carefully combined with proportional additions of pure honey and high quality gum Arabic. According to the raw materials available, Blockx watercolours afford the highest degrees of permanence and optimum working qualities for artists.
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    Half Pan
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    Watercolor Paint
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    Watercolor Paint
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    BE 3213.90.00
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