23651 Brilliant Yellow Kremer Pigment, 100g plastic container

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Hansa Yellow from Kremer. A monoazo pigment with good opacity. Good alternative to Chrome Yellow.

Yellow Pigment, Hansa Yellow.

Today Hansa Yellow is often used for ecological reasons as a replacement for the toxic, leaded chrome yellow. It is an organic dye from the group of monoazo pigments. The first Hansa Yellow, Pigment Yellow 1, was launched in 1910. The azo pigments have been continuously improved over the decades. Thus, the varieties that are common today are difficult to compare with the dyes known at that time as "Hansa Yellow". Hansa Yellows are characterized by a very good opacity. The light fastness is in full tone 8. It can be applied in watercolor, tempera, oil and acrylic paint.

Chemical Description Organic pigment. Pigment Yellow 74, C.I. 11741
Resistance Alkali 5
Resistance Lime 5
Resistance Acid 5
Lightfastness-Medium 7
Lightfastness-Thinned 6-7
Lightfatsness-Concentrated 8
Colour Index Py74.11741
Acrylics, Oil, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache

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