27050 Kremer Biflair Colour Paste, 100g jar

Biflair® Brilliant silver-white effect Colour Paste from Kremer. A concentrated dispersion of high quality pigment in water. These colour concentrates will easily make 2 to 8 times their volume in vibrant, intense and colourfast paint. Suitable binding will produce an economical acrylic or watercolour paint, these pastes can also be used to make a tempera, fresco, or gouache paint.

Biflair® Brilliant silver-white effect pigment, solids content 60%

Colour Pastes allow the artist to make intense and light fast water based paint easily and quickly. 

These colour concentrates are supplied as a dispersion in water meaning that no mulling of dry pigment is necessary.

Kremer concentrated pigment dispersions will easily make 2-8 times their original volume in vibrant paints.

They store well, but will settle over time; revive by stirring and if need be add a little distilled water to refresh.

Their unique, intense silky lustre gives the impression of liquid metal, combining a high degree of whiteness with outstanding hiding ability.

  • Chemical description: Bismuth oxide chloride, additives
  • Opacity: transparent
  • Suitability: Acrylics
  • Colors: Silver
  • Forms: liquid
  • Solubility in water: No data available
  • Country of Origin:
    US United States
  • Make:
  • Type:
    Color Pigment Paste in Water
  • Size:
  • Color:
  • Material:
    Pigment Paste
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    US 3206.49.70
  • Weight: