2841 Trial Set 2. R&F Pigment Stick, 3 x 19ml sticks

R & F Pigment Stick, Set 2. 3 x 19ml sticks including: King's Blue, Scarlet Extra Pale, Olive Yellow.

R & F Pigment Stick Set. 3 x 19ml Sticks.

A good value introduction to the wonderful R & F Pigment Stick range.

These Oil Sticks have a 'lipstick' soft consistency and use only basic traditional materials: Beeswax and plant wax, linseed oil and pigment. Handmade in small batches, R & F Pigment Sticks are the result of careful milling and molding. They offer spectacular intensity of colour in a bar.

This set contains the following colours:

King's Blue Series 4 Colour PB28 / PW6 / PW7
Scarlet Extra Pale Series 2 Colour PR206 / PW6 / PW7
Olive Yellow Series 3 Colour PY37 / PV15 / PR101

  • Country of Origin:
  • Size:
    3 x 19ml Stick Set
  • Type:
    Pigment Stick
  • Color:
  • Series:
  • Make:
    R & F
  • Material:
    Pigment Stick
  • Brand:
    R & F
  • Product Code:
    USA 3213.10.0000
  • Weight: