305cm wide APF6 Medium Linen, Unprimed. Price per 10m bale

£570.00 (inc. VAT)
(£47.50 per metre, ex vat). Extra Wide 100% Linen. 305cm width and 305g/㎡. High quality, strong and evenly woven artists linen. Supplied lightly folded.

Manufactured from the fibres of the flax plant, this unprimed APF6 Medium Linen Extra Wide is a high quality heavier weight fabric. Pale in colour, even weave. Works very well with Lascaux primings and is a popular and economic choice due to its width of 305cm. 

Due to its width, APF6 Medium Linen is usually supplied folded. There is also a price break for a 25m bale.

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    Unprimed / Raw
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