31430 Syton X30 Kremer, 5 lt plastic container

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Aqueous silica dispersion with 30% solids, small particles,
The dispersion solidifies to a dry gel structure with high chemical binding power, chemical resistance and temperature resistance. Syton X 30 is used as a binder in mortars, surface modifier, increases the coefficient of friction on practically any surface, dirt-repellent coatings on walls, dirt-repellent finish of textiles, to make wax dispersions more grippy, in the process the wax does not lose its gloss, for emulsion paints, the addition of 5 - 10% Syton to the pigment portion causes a significant thixotropic structure improvement and a reduction of pigment deposition during storage, for stone replacement compounds Syton X 30 has proven itself due to its good strength and elasticity.

Protect product from frost.protect product from heating / overheating. Store product at temperatures > 2°C. Formaldehyde free. The dried Syton in powder form is respiratory hazardous, protective mask recommended.

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    DE Germany
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    Silica Dispersion
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    31430 Syton X30
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    DE 3906.90.90
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