314cm Wide P110 Lascaux Polyester Artists' Fabric. Price per metre

£156.00 (inc. VAT)
Fine Weave, ecru. Similar colour and properties to linen. Warp thread approximately 19/cm, Weft approximately 19/cm. Weight 215g/. Width 314cm. Supplied lightly folded.

Lascaux polyester fabric with similar colour or properties to linen, specially produced to the highest quality for Artists.

100% Polyester Fabric with a fine, even weave. Ecru colour similar to linen.

Warp thread count - approximatley 19/cm

Weft thread count - approximately 19/cm

Weight - 215g/

Width - 314cm

A material which can be used for lining and also primed with Lascaux primings for artists use.

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    Unprimed / Raw
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