37080 Gum Accaroides, from Kremer. 100g plastic bag

Gum Accaroides from Kremer. Brown - Red resin soluble in alcohol. Provides a stain used in violin varnishes.

For sale in the UK (mainland) only.

Acaroid gum is the resin obtained from Australian trees belonging to the Xanthorroeaceae species, with two varieties that produce a yellowish and reddish resin, respectively. Its color is given by the presence of picric acid and tannin in its composition, being more brownish or reddish the greater the presence of titanium. The former is sold in large pieces while the red is supplied in pea-sized beads. Both red and yellow resins are soluble in alcohol, ether and acetic acid. The alcoholic solutions dry quickly and form hard films, making them a superb alternative to shellac or copal varnishes. Acaroid gum is used when a darker shade of varnish is desired. Its light stability is relatively good. In the past it was widely used in the manufacture of varnishes for metals, in the soap industry and for leather tanning.
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