40542 English Red Light Kremer Pigment, 75g plastic container

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English Red Light dry pigment. Mixed red earth. Burnt orange-red.

Light English Red Pigment from Kremer.

Chemical Description Natural pigment. Fe2O3 + CaCO3. Pigment Red 102, C.I. 77491
Lighjtfastness-Medium 8
Lightfastness-Thinned 8
Lightfastness-Concentrated 8
Colour Index PR 102.77491
Suitability Acrylics, Lime / Fresco, Ceramic, Oil, Tempera, Watercolour / Gouache, Silicate binder, Waterglass, Cement

Native earths from Germany, Italy and Cyprus, containing manganese, they are otherwise similar in composition to Sienna earths. Greenish dark hues of raw umber and warm deep hues of burnt umber are excellent driers and often added to slower drying pigments.

Siennas and red earths are natural clays containing iron oxide. Less opaque than ochre, but of deep color, they are basic pigments used with any medium.

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