4100 Acrylic Resin P550 (Plexisol) 40% Gloss. Lascaux, 1lt tin

For conservation and consolidation of paint layers, lining of fine textiles, as well as a varnish

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Acrylic Resin P550 - 40% Gloss can be used as a soft and removable picture varnish.

An organic solution of an acrylic resin based on butyl methacrylate Tg 25℃.

A Pure, soft, thermoplastic acrylic resin.

Lightproof and age resistant.

Glass transition temperature (Tg) 25℃.

Soluble in White Spirit 16/18, Xylene, Toluene, Acetone, Methoxypropanol. Partially soluble in Ethanol, Isopropanol.

Lascaux Resin Information Sheet

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    CH Switzerland
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    UK Mainland delivery only
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    CH 3213 9000 00
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