512 Lead Tin Yellow Light Michael Harding Oil Colour, 40ml tube

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Series 5. Lemon hue. Soft and pallid colour. Opaque.

Michael Hardings Artists' Oil Colour Lead Tin Yellow Light, 40ml Tube.

Colour IndexType 1, Lead Stannate
Drying SpeedFast
LightfastnessNot Tested
Tint PowerAverage Covering Power / Opaque
Oil ContentLinseed Oil, Low
Conform toASTM D-4236

"This lovely, soft, subtle lemony hue dates back many centuries. Artists like Vermeer used Lead Tin Yellows to paint draperies and fur trim. Known for their incredibly high covering power they also blend beautifully with blues to create subtle greens. Girl Reading an Open Letter by the Window painted by Vermeer is a wonderful example of Lead Tin Yellow blended to create the green trompe loeile curtain. Today, a very well-known American artist creates fantastic flesh tones when mixed with brilliant pink."

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    Michael Harding
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    UK 3213.10.00.00
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