55125 Egg Yolk Yellow Studio Kremer Pigment, 200g plastic container

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Kremer Studio Pigment. Warm Yellow, Egg-Yolk colour. Economical bright yellow. Synthetic organic pigment and filler.

Studio Pigment: Easy to wet, stable, brilliant & non toxic. Suitable for oil and aqueous binders.  But NOT cement or lime.

An economical way to buy pigment colours, Studio Pigments are based on synthetic organic pigments mixed with a filler (may contain silica). The pigment is ground dry under stone rollers with marble dust / china clay to form a soft powder. They are easily dispersed, especially into waterborne paints. Studio Pigments are bright and relatively lightfast.

Chemical description:  Pigment Yellow 83 (C.I. 21108) fixed on a mineral base.
Lightfastness - medium: 5
Lightfastness - concentrated: 7
Colour Index:  PY 83.22108

Acrylics, Oil, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache

Colors: Yellow
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