55450 Bordeaux Studio Red Kremer Pigment, 75g plastic container

Kremer Studio Pigment. Dark, rich Bordeaux red. Economical and easy to use, strong deep red colour.Synthetic organic pigment and filler.

Studio Pigment: Easy to wet, stable, brilliant & non toxic. Suitable for oil and aqueous binders.  But NOT cement or lime.

An economical way to buy pigment colours, Studio Pigments are based on synthetic organic pigments mixed with a filler (may contain silica). The pigment is ground dry under stone rollers with marble dust / china clay to form a soft powder. They are easily dispersed, especially into waterborne paints. Studio Pigments are bright and relatively lightfast.

Chemical description:  Pigment Red 12 (C.I. 12385) fixed on a mineral base.
Lightfastness - medium: 5
Lightfastness - concentrated: 6
Colour Index: PR 12.12385
Suitability:  Acrylics, Oil, Tempera, Watercolour / Gouache
Colours:  Red
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    IT Italy
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    IT 3206.49.70
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