58900 Bentonite, Kremer Pigment, 1kg plastic bag

Bentonite is a special swellable clay, which can be used as a thickening aid for paint, especially oil color.

Bentonite clay from Kremer.

Thickening agent, particularly for oil color.

Color Index: PW 19.77004

Suitability: Oil

Color: Beige

Forms: Powder


  • Used to decolorize mineral, animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes.

  • Used to increase the resistance of emulsions, and for stretching soaps (soaps containing bentonite are

    especially suitable for oily dirt).

  • Used as filling agent and heat isolator, to improve some rheological or sealing performance in

    geoenvironmental applications.

  • Used in purifying waste oil (bentonite absorbs tarry impurities).

  • Used in the manufacture of tooth paste and dry-cell batteries.

  • Used to thicken water colors.

  • Used as binding agent for synthetics and in the steelmaking industry.

  • Used for the manufacture of ceramic products.

    Percentage when used as thickening agent in oil colors: 1 – 5 % Bentonite

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    DE Germany
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    DE 2508.10.00
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