60000 Gum Dammar (dammar resin pieces) Kremer, 650g plastic container

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Kremer Gum Dammar (dammar resin pieces). Handpicked, best quality Dammar Resin.

Dammar Resin crystals from Kremer. Pure, highest quality. Handpicked.

Use for varnishes and in mediums. Kurt Wehlte recommends wrapping 100 g damar crystals in gauze and suspending them by a string in a closed jar filled with 200 ml pure gum turpentine. The crystals will take a couple days to dissolve. Kremers' dammar is harvested by hand in Sumatra, Indonesia, where deforestation and political unrest have diminished supplies.

  • Chemical description: Natural resin, CAS No. 9000-16-2
  • Forms: solid
  • Solubility in water: insoluble

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