63000 Bone Glue Pearls Kremer Pigment, 150g plastic container

Made from cow bones. Purified and concentrated.

Beads of glue made from cow bone, supplied by Kremer. From China. 

Soak the gelatine grains in cold water during 3 hours. Then slowly heat up in a double boiler between 50 and 60°C.

Kremer Animal Glues

63000 Bone Glue, Pearls

Bone Glue is made from the bones received from the slaughterhouse. These are degreased, and then further treated by thermal hydrolysis and hot water extraction. The glue broth is then purified, and then concentrated in a multistage process by means of a vacuum evaporator. The obtained solid gel is then reduced to small pieces and dried.

  • Chemical description: Bone glue
  • Forms: grains
  • Solubility in water: miscible

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  • Country of Origin:
    ES Spain
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    ES 3503.00.10
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