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67280 Kremer Regalrez® 1094, 75g

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Hydrocarbon Resin, highly stable. Especially suited to sealing and varnishing applications requiring stability against weathering and temperature. Contains no added Antioxidants of UV stabilisers.
Regalrez® 1094 is a hydrocarbon resin that is highly stable, with low colouration and low molecular weight, particularly well suited to sealing and varnishing applications. It is very stable against weathering and thermal degradation with excellent clarity and resistance to yellowing. Regalrez® 1094 contains no added antioxidants of UV stabilisers.
Regalrez® 1094 is soluble in aliphatic and aromatic solvents, C5 and higher esters and ketones. It is insoluble in glycol ethers, glycol ether esters and alcohols.
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