68 Malachite Green Imitation, Sax Artists' Oil Colour, 40ml tube

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Malachite Green Imitation Oil Colour from Sax. Highest quality artists oil paint. Colours made in small batches to individual recipes displaying the characteristics of each pigment.
The Sax family have been producing artists' oil colours since 1889. The method of manufacture has changed little and colours are still made in small batches to ensure the highest possible standards.
Recipes include combinations of oils balanced to each pigment for optimum performance, with each colour displaying the individual characteristics of the pigments, making Sax a welcome alternative to homogenised paint ranges.

We hold all Sax colours in 40ml tube size in our general stock. 200ml tube sizes are available to order, please contact us for more information.   
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    Oil Paint
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    CH 3213.1000
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