75075 Dispersion K52 Kremer, 1 lt bottle

Kremer Dispersion K52. Perfect for thin watercolor like washes and glazes. Water insoluble and matt when dry.

Acrylic dispersion with very fine particle size, very transparent. The K 52 is recommended for thin, aquarelle-like glazes and matte paint. Also suitable for consolidation and impregnation of pourous grounds. Weak film-formig properties, less abrasion resistant than other acrylic dispersions. Not compatible with Cellulose Glue #63600

Kremer Dispersion K52 can be easily mixed with Kremer colour concentrates or dry pigments.

  • Country of Origin:
    DE Germany
  • Color:
  • Make:
  • Material:
    Acrylic Medium
  • Size:
  • Type:
    Acrylic Dispersion
  • Series:
    75075 Dispersion
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
    DE 3906.90.90
  • Weight: